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・ The Chugoku region has been established as a cattle production area since the 14th century, and the Chugoku Mountains have continuous hills and a unique climate in the mountains. The terrain makes it easy for cows to have strong hooves and horns, and the temperature is optimal for Japanese Black cows, which are vulnerable to heat, so it is easy to produce good cows.

・ Since the pedigree inherited in areas such as Jinseki beef and Hiba beef is preserved, the number of production is small, but the meat quality is stable and very good.

・ It is a brand name given to cows that meet all of the following conditions: (1) Father or mother's father is a prefectural bull, (2) Born and raised in Hiroshima Prefecture, (3) Meat quality grade 3 or higher, and yield grade B or higher.

・ The name comes from the hero of the Chugoku region, Mori Motonari.

Exportable countries

Thailand, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA,

Canada, Australia, Philippines, EU, Russia

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