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・ Kyoto has a long history of beef, and is featured as "Tamba beef" in Japan's oldest Japanese beef book "Kokugyu Ten Bulls" drawn in 1310. Kyoto Wagyu beef is carefully raised one by one with the skill of a craftsman in the abundant nature of the four seasons with delicious water. "Kyoto Meat" is a taste of tradition and culture that has been carefully selected for quality. Its delicate taste and elegant texture are truly a gem of the ultimate in deliciousness.

・ The umami of meat and fat that is suitable for bearing the name of "Kyoto"

It is said to be the most suitable for Kyoto-style sukiyaki, and is also used by the famous store "Mishima-tei", which is well known overseas.

・ "Kyoto" is well known in the world, and it is an effective brand power when promoting Japanese beef.

Exportable countries

Thailand, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA,

Canada, Australia, Philippines, EU, Russia

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