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In November 2020, Matsubara Butcher Shop was fully prepared to produce the original Wagyu beef. Its name is "Emperor Cow".

A cow raised in the best food, water and sanitary environment of Japanese beef, the king of beef. That is the emperor beef.


At a ranch with abundant nature and the best breeding environment in Miyazaki, southern Kyushu, Japan

Emperor beef is raised.

① It is located on the lush grass hill in Miyazaki prefecture in southern Japan. Surrounded by nature and the cleanest air. Habitats and factories have disappeared for miles. A stress-free environment with tranquility and natural beauty.

(2) Grow with the highest quality organic feed that does not contain any pesticides or growth hormones that are mixed in the ranch every day.

(3) Pure water is provided using the most advanced mineral and negative ion water purifiers.

④ We deliver the cleanest negative ionic air to cows in all 10 huts equipped with state-of-the-art air purifiers.

⑤ Thoroughly exterminate flies and mosquitoes and do not put any extra stress on cows.

⑥ Cows grow up healthy on daily exercise, taking care of naps, cleaning the bed and using fresh sawdust beds.

⑦ Cows have the same compatibility and sense of distance as humans. We also consider the room allocation and environment creation with these in mind.

⑧ A Japanese beef breeding professional who manages the ranch 24 hours a day will gently watch over from the time of calf to adulthood.


Thorough been stables of health management

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King of beef, Japanese beef suitable for the emperor, that is the emperor beef

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