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・ Only cows that are 28 months old or older and have a degree of marbling (BMS) of 6 or more, which can be divided into 12 stages, are "Wao".

・ "Kumamoto Japanese Black Beef" is cultivated with great care in pure water, air, and a blessed natural environment. Among them, Kumamoto Japanese Black Beef "Wagyu" is a premium grade that boasts a high reputation for its soft marbling meat and rich flavor.

・ Kumamoto Japanese black beef raised in a blessed natural environment is said to be the highest peak of beef because of its mellow texture and moderately sweet meat quality.

・ It is grown in Kumamoto's pure water and a safe feed that contains salt and minerals in corn, barley, bran, soybean meal, etc., and its soft meat quality and taste with well-balanced sashimi are attractive.

Exportable countries

Thailand, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong,

USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines

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