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・ It is one of the best Japanese black beef in Japan that attracts you with its delicate meat quality.

・ The four seasons of Yamagata Prefecture, where hot summers and extremely cold winters occur. That's why it tastes great Yamagata beef. Because it is in an environment where there is a large difference in temperature, the cows slowly and slowly grow in size and the fine sashimi enter beautifully, and it wears a splendid flesh.

・ Yamagata Prefecture has abundant nature and fertile land such as Mogami River, Zao, and Ginzan Onsen, and it can be said that it is the best place to raise Japanese beef.

・ Our partner, Takahashi Livestock Group, grows Yamagata beef on a large scale at Yamagata Zao Pasture and Yamagata No. 2 Farm, which is as good as Yonezawa beef.

・ Although it is inferior in name value, it has a quality approaching that of Yonezawa and a wider certification standard than Yonezawa, so it is attractive that many countries can export it.

Exportable countries

Thailand, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong,

USA, Canada, Philippines

EU * (possible if using Tochigi / Gunma Meat Center)

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