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・ The highest peak Zao beef of a hybrid brand that shines with the deliciousness of lean meat. It is a domaine (producer unit) brand that is shipped from only one producer, Zao Kogen Ranch, which is owned by our partner. Therefore, the concept and technology of the maker can be used as the individuality of the meat, and the quality is stable without any variation.

・ The pedigree is Japanese black beef and Holstein. The taste of Japanese black beef fat and the taste of wild lean meat. It is a hybrid cow that has the best of both worlds.

・ Although Zao beef is a hybrid, its quality is definitely top class among hybrid beef because it receives the same favorable environment, feed and breeding method as Yonezawa beef and Yamagata beef.

Exportable countries

Thailand, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong,

USA, Canada, Philippines

EU * (possible if using Tochigi / Gunma Meat Center)

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