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・ Demand for Japanese beef from halal countries such as Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is increasing year by year.

・ Since the standards for exporting to halal countries are very different from normal slaughter, there are only a few slaughterhouses that can handle it.

・ Since our affiliated Tokushima slaughterhouse has obtained approval for halal processing that does not deteriorate the quality of Japanese beef, negotiations can be conducted in the same way as ordinary exports.

・ Awa beef raised by Tokushima's alliance and slaughter company places particular emphasis on pedigree, and is produced from the perspective that it is important to purchase bare cows of good pedigree in order to produce good meat quality. Therefore, when a bare cow arrives, efforts are being made to purchase it only if the birthplace of the cow, the birth farmer, and the route to the arrival are proven.

Exportable countries

Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East (Halal area)

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