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・ The tradition of "Yonezawa beef", one of the three great wagyu beef in Japan, began when an English teacher visited Yonezawa, Yamagata prefecture, a snowy village with abundant nature at the beginning of the Meiji era.

At Kojokan Junior High School, where Uesugi Takayama opened, Charles Henry Dallas, who taught as an English teacher, ate Japanese beef, which was the beginning of Yonezawa beef as an edible product. At that time, it was said that four-legged animals would not be eaten in Yonezawa, but Mr. Dallas was surprised at how delicious it was, and when he left Yonezawa after his term, he took a cow back to Yokohama. It is called Ta. That was the impetus for the deliciousness of Yonezawa beef to spread throughout the country.

・ In order to call yourself Yonezawa beef, it is necessary to meet all of the following strict conditions.

  1. 1. The breeder is a person who lives in Okitama Sanichi Gomachi (* 1) and is certified by the Yonezawa Beef Brand Promotion Council, and the breeding period in the registered barn is the longest.

  2. 2. The type of beef cattle shall be Japanese Black heifers.

  3. 3. Carcasses listed on the Yonezawa Beef Carcass Market or the Tokyo Meat Central Wholesale Market, or slaughtered at the Yonezawa Meat Center and rated by the Japan Meat Rating Association.
    However, items that are exhibited on behalf of the district at a co-promotion society, co-sponsorship society, or study group approved by the chairman of the Yonezawa Beef Brand Promotion Council shall be treated in the same way.
    In addition, the slaughterhouse for export will be approved by the Yonezawa Beef Brand Promotion Council.

  4. 4. Carcasses that are 32 months old or older and have an appearance, meat quality, and fat of grade 3 or higher specified by the Japan Meat Grading Association.

・ The hurdles for sending Yonezawa beef overseas are very high due to the strict certification standards created to preserve quality and tradition.

It's worth it.

Yonezawa beef that Yamasaki fell in love with and made Thai hoodies groan

Exportable countries

Thailand, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong,

USA, Canada, Philippines

EU * (possible if using Tochigi / Gunma Meat Center)

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