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Significant cost reduction by reducing the number of intermediaries and batching

Usually, if you buy Japanese beef from your domestic vendor, that wagyu is costly through many intermediaries.

By using our network, we can greatly reduce the number of transit companies, and as a result

You can get "Japanese beef" "cheaper" and "fresh" .

* Wagyu is handled frozen in most countries, but you can get chilled wagyu in our Thai distribution network.

和牛購入の流れ: 企業案内

Wagyu trading flow

Contact us

 We will consult with you about the type, rank, quantity you want, and any questions you may have regarding your beef. We will also arrange advance visits.


 Pre-meeting by email / phone

 Make detailed arrangements such as budget, brand designation, cutting method and delivery method. If you come to Japan / Thailand, we will meet and give you detailed explanations and advice.


Wagyu beef

 The schedule for opening markets varies depending on the type and region of Wagyu beef. The Wagyu Beef Specialist of our network will make a successful bid and dismantle it according to your request at Tochiku.


Wagyu cost confirmed, deposit

Please pay when the final cost is confirmed. We will process the delivery as soon as payment is confirmed. (For exports other than Thailand, please arrange for import company and delivery company separately. We can introduce and consult with suppliers.)


After-sales service

Significant cost reduction is a great advantage, but there are also issues. The point of the Wagyu business is how to consume and sell various parts of a Wagyu beef to profit. We also provide consulting services from commercialization cut guidance to product development.


Long-term relationship with everyone through Wagyu beef

We are not just a Japanese beef sales company. It is our pleasure to taste and know many wonderful Japanese beefs across the border, and to help as a good business partner for everyone involved for a long time.


Please feel free to contact us first

Please contact us if you are interested in dealings with Matsubara butcher shop. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Inquiries by phone from 11:00 am to 16:00 pm

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The transmission has been completed.

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