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ホーム: ようこそ!
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The way to reach you overseas

Matsubara butcher shop and producer

Our company examines breeding period, producer, fertilizer, environment and especially pedigree among the many Japanese Black Cats. In many Japanese ranches, the breeding method differs depending on the producer. Therefore, we actually went to the producers to judge things from the viewpoint of the producers, and experienced the living environment. We have succeeded in dealing with a wide variety of breeds of Wagyu beef.

Wagyu beef dismantling.

A required slaughterhouse permit is required

In recent years, slaughterhouses have been increasing when Japanese beef is exported overseas. However, the slaughterhouses with the licenses are available in different countries for export and import, depending on the prefecture in Japan.

In addition, the application for permission differs depending on the brand of Wagyu, so it is not easy.

Need a company that can export to overseas

For example, if you want to export Japanese goods overseas in any country, you need to ask a company with a designated license. For meat products only, it is necessary to understand that there are significant costs other than meat costs, such as certificates of origin and quarantine inspections.の 他 Besides transportation costs, storage costs. Cooling functions are also indispensable for refrigerated exports.

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 Can be imported overseas

Requires receiving company

For example, when importing Japanese beef from Japan to Thailand, it is necessary to request only a company that has a license to store and register meat. This is true in any country. Are the products imported into your country safe? Isn't it dangerous goods? Isn't it illegal? It is necessary to clear strict inspections.

Think again about the purpose of the specification of Wagyu beef.

In recent years, the Wagyu beef business has spread tremendously all over the world, and at the same time, there are quite a few things that can hit the harsh reality. As a matter of course, one cow has only a limited weight and part. Restaurant managers will once again show one product while taking into account the thoughts of producers who have been carefully raised. Product development. If you are a wholesale trading company, secure sales destinations and develop processed foods. I just hope it will be used thoroughly.

Buy from retailers

Of course, there are many wholesalers handling Japanese beef overseas, so you can buy them in small quantities. However, in general, the demand for “soft meat. Highly rare meat” is limited in number and the number of people seeking it increases, so the price will rise more than necessary.

Even if you want your customers to eat Wagyu beef in your store or sell it, there is no point in doing it unless you can produce delicious food.

Handling Wagyu

Hokkaido: Tokachi Wagyu and Shiraoi beef

Tohoku: Yonezawa beef, Maezawa beef, Sendai beef

Kanto Koshinetsu: Ashigara beef, Murakami beef, Shinshu beef

Hokuriku: Himi beef, Noto beef

Tokai: Hida beef, Matsuzaka beef

Kinki: Omi beef, Kobe beef

China: Oki beef, Hiroshima beef

Shikoku: Awa beef, Sanuki beef

Kyushu: Saga beef, Miyazaki beef, Kumamoto black beef, Kagoshima beef

If you have any other beef you like, we will arrange it.



Intrinsic group Co. Ltd

Sanritsu Co. Ltd


Fine Food Japan Co. Ltd

Yonezawa meet Co. Ltd


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to buy as cheap as possible

We have a pipe with producers and buyers all over Japan. We are proud to be able to reduce the cost considerably by connecting the desired beef with the shortest route.

How much is the shipping fee?

 Transportation costs in Japan are included in the price per kilogram when purchasing beef. In addition, (1) Air freight (2) Import duties (3) Delivery costs after import are required separately.

What is the minimum price for a wholesale order?

Basically, one beef is purchased (250kg-350kg). Some of our beef can be sold specially on our network. Even in this case, the minimum handling amount is 300 kg (200 kg for Japanese beef). The price will vary depending on the wagyu, so we will inform you at that time.

How much is the shipping fee?

Although it varies depending on the country, in the case of purchase with our company, please be assured that we will do it all without having to go through a lot of procedures when exporting. Please contact us for details.

Is payment not possible at the end of the month?

In the Japanese beef business, a large amount of money moves at a time, and there are also high hurdle processes such as export and import. Please note that Japanese beef transactions are only prepaid. (Almost all other companies pay in advance.)

I'm not familiar with meat, can you help me?

Matsubara butcher shop fully supports customers who have no knowledge of meat. If you don't have any knowledge, we can offer suggestions for parts that are easy to use and how to use them.

Is it possible to visit the processing plant in advance?

Normally it is not possible to enter, but we will arrange entry at our attendant. Thank you for up to 3 people. The tour time is from 10:00 to 12:30 including the auction. (May vary by day)

 Is it possible to specify the production area, brand cattle, and grade?

Everything is possible. If you can specify it, we will arrange an estimate immediately.

Is site designation possible?

Part designation is also possible. Please consult us as the minimum amount may vary depending on the required part.

Which languages are supported?

Japanese and English. Please let us know in advance if you want to call in English. After we decide the date and time, we will respond by Skype, wechat, etc.

What is the minimum price for a wholesale order?

The minimum order quantity is basically from 200Kg. Please note that we do not sell small lots.

ホーム: よくある質問
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